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Horse racing is an exciting sport filled with strong contest. Whether you like riding or gambling, we have the great game for you! Players can enter the Kentucky Derby to challenge other jockeys and vie for the gold trophy. When the race starts, the thoroughbreds will gallop as fast as possible. Command and steer your steed to take each turn and speed into first location! Our horse racing games contain bettors that will cheer and boo during each round!

Choose the great steed, and leap over every hurdle as quickly as possible. If you are willing to risk it all, try gaming on winning horses. Predict the result of each race to win virtual cash!

Several rules that may help you win the horse racing

Feel what it’s like to jockey a 1000-lb thoroughbred in Horse Race, one of the most realistic horse racing games live. If you like action and love racing, you will like this awesome 3D racing game. Pick one of 8 horses, name it, and click the Race button to start the race. Control your horse racing using the arrow keys. Decrease and increase the pace by clicking on the left and right arrow keys accordingly. Click Spacebar to use your three whips for a burst of speed. If you win the race, you proceed to the next level. If you win all 3 races, note that no true monetary or free game credit can be earned when joining this game on Learn4Good.com. Have fun!

There are several rules that can help you win the race:

1. Stay closer to the inner side of the track. You run a shorter range when you’re on the inner side.

2. Try blocking the fastest runner by running slower in front of him and save some power for the last bit of the face.

3. Don’t run at your highest speed before you see the finish line. Just try to stick with every players and keep at their pace.

4. Don’t use your whip too early, taking all energy from your studhorse before you reach the finish line.

Make some particular experience when playing horse racing

You don't need to be a sure size or have any obvious experience to become a champion jockey in these live games! Even better: they are safe for people with horse allergies. Combine your passion of ponies with the thrill of horse racing in these equine speed competitions. You'll also seek lots of games featuring other horsey events, like jumping and dressage. Plus, you can take part with jockey style and pimp out your horse's look and mane in the dress-up, beauty, and decoration titles you'll seek here. Seek for some edgier action? Turn your race into a battle with Robot Unicorn. Romantic types, you're also covered. You can pursue a princess pony in Romantic Pursuit. Once you're done with the action, you'll find a ton of horse grooming and care online games to help you wind down and learn more about responsible horse care. Or not! Unlike true horses, real ones can ride full sprint for as long as you can. No feeding or grooming necessary. It is up to you how realistic you want to make all of the horsing around. So slip on your riding boots and let out your inner jockey!

Breed, Train, And Race Against Other Players in horse racing

Imagine breeding, caring for, owning, training and racing your own stable of virtual thoroughbreds whilst interacting in a vibrant social community with thousands of online horse racing game players from over the world. This exciting game puts you in finish control of your real stable and gives you a first-hand insight of what top thoroughbred trainers and owners do to equip their horses for upcoming horse racing events. After breeding and analyzing your own horse, your caring and training routine will get him ready for your racing debut. Identify and enter the good races for your own horse, assign his training routine, give your jockey racing instructions, sit back and watch 3D horse racing at its finest. You’ll be on the edge of your seat cheering for your real thoroughbred as he turns for home and strives with an all-out exertion to reach the finish line first. No other horse game can supply this level of realism. This exciting free game allows racing fans, whether seasoned or novice, heart-pounding, to enjoy the most realistic, exciting gaming experience.

Gamers compete for top honors and awards in our free live horse game. Will your horses have what it takes to earn top horse racing honors with you as trainer, breeder and owner?