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malaysia online betting
[ 14-09-2017 ]
malaysia online betting

Many con cases happened in Malaysia’s online gambling website industry. The most common case is when players played Online Slot Games and a big amount of money, but at the end players did not get a single cent back from the company. The reason such con case happened the most in this industry is because online gambling is built up based on the trust between the company and their customers. There is no meeting between the company and their customers. All of the transaction and progress are done through phone, social media, and online platform. Therefore, if one day the company did not answer or reply the messages by customers, all the trust built before will be totally gone.

In addition, another con case is the money get back from company and the amount customers won are not tally. There is a term and condition written on every Online Slot Games company. It is regarding the maximum jackpot will be paid to the jackpot winners. For example, the maximum amount of jackpot which will be paid is RM200, 000, and the players had won a RM1, 000,000 of jackpot. In this case, company will only pay RM200, 000 to the player. Hence, players need to always be aware on the maximum amount will be paid in the terms and conditions. This could help players to understand the procedure well.

There is another way to prevent con cases happened in Online Slot Games industry within Malaysia, which is playing gambling with a website which has experienced by friends. Feedback by friends could help on analyse how well that particular website works.