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[ 22-08-2017 ]

William                 : Hey dude, how you think about the EPL match tonight? Manchester United versus

Terrance              : I’m a Chelsea fans. For sure I will support Chelsea win on tonight’s match!

William                 : I have different thinking with you even I’m not a Manchester United fans. I think            
  Manchester United will win Chelsea with the score of 2-0

Terrance              : Okay! Let’s bet and see who will win!

William                 : Of course, let’s bet! I know one Sportsbook Betting website is very good………….


Based on the conversation above, we are able to know that there is one thing called “Sportsbook Betting”, which is offering public or players who like to play betting on the sports match they like. This is not only available for football or soccer match, also it is offering basketball match, baseball match, tennis match, and so on.


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